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Over the past 25 years, Paul Hickman, Urban Ashes (UA) CEO and principal designer has developed a commitment to design that is equaled by his devotion to incorporate environmental sustainability and social justice in every project.  By drawing upon an assiduously cultivated palette of materials, resources and techniques, UA is able to deliver sustainable non-toxic designs that are a reflection of both space and client. Corporate or residential, Urban Ashes creates environmentally conscious objects and environments that strive to fulfill two basic needs: our need for beauty and utility. Each design employs a determination to honor the materials involved and the spaces they will occupy. The process becomes imperative — and many times is left visible so that we can remember that process of coming into being. Drawing on years of experience with simple, sometimes unconventional, natural materials and highly refined techniques, the work is intended to evoke an emotional awareness of its elegance yet blend subtly into the most rustic of environments as well as the most polished. 

In partnership with the finest craftspeople, Urban Ashes consistently delivers the finest crafted custom furniture and wood goods in the industry. With urban and deconstructed wood at the core UA has a unique capacity to incorporate a wide variety of other materials to compliment and accentuate the wood. The pallet is virtually unlimited.