Commercial + Residential

Urban Ashes provides unique consultation and design services to projects in the sourcing and utilization of urban wood often salvaged from the very trees that were felled on site for the new construction. The scope of project management services available covers everything from viable tree identification, coordination on the proper felling and staging for highest yield, coordination of log removal from the site, logs to lumber, kiln drying and final milling for fabrication.

With decades of experience working with general contractors, architects, designers and other contractors, Urban Ashes is skilled in the critical communication and coordination between all players to ensure a smooth process in transforming the sites fallen trees back into stunning feature elements within the new structures.

In addition to project design and project management, Urban Ashes offers complete design services from furniture to fixtures. Even if no trees are brought down on a project, Urban Ashes can provide excellent sources of urban salvaged and deconstructed wood, for a vast array of areas within a project from furniture, to trim, to major decorative elements.